“Please Pray for the Crew Behind the Scenes”

A prayer for those working to bring the nuclear reactor under control. (Slightly edited upon translation of the previous post, which came in via email from Japan.)

Dear friends,
I am here to plead for help
Right now, at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima,
there is a group of people risking their lives,
working to save Japan,
for the Japanese people,
for you and your family.

Please send in your prayers!
Please pray for successful results!

The team members all volunteers
They are over 55 years old
and they are almost over raising their children,
They say they are ready to give up their lives for this cause, there’s no looking back
That’s how they have volunteered themselves
Fifty of them.

An article from Jiji Press says,
TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) sought help from electric companies and related firms throughout Japan
Seeking volunteers
Experienced people who are willing to risk their very own lives,
to work inside the power plant

One man, who worked for Chu-goku Electric Power for 40 years as a nuclear operator stepped up.
“This is a job for someone like me
I have less than a year till retirement,
and my children are all grown up”
Family members listened as he,
the husband, the father, was talking
No one could say a word
The daughter saw a side of her father – quiet and determined, a new face of him that she hardly knew
Twenty volunteers from there
They walked out the door, just as usual
“See you when I get back”
They left their home just as if it was a part of their lives

While they are working, they will be exposed to nuclear radiation
The exposure limit was originally set at 100 millisieverts (mSv)
They will so easily reach 100 mSv within minutes,
and not much can be done
“Please raise the limit to 250mSv so we can stay longer to get more done,”
they asked and it was raised
They are well aware of exposure, the risks, and ready for the consequences

Thanks to their work,
the nuclear reactors are under much better control now
If the nuclear chair reaction had reached a critical point
perhaps I would not be here right now
We might not be spending time with our family, our loved ones, and our friends

All living creatures within 186 miles (or 300km) could have been severely affected, or might have even become non-existent

Please everyone, please keep the men in your prayers!
Please pray for the success of their work!
Please send your good energies!

Today, their water spraying has ended in success

Please continue to pray for their work for tomorrow
and for each one of their safety

Please, please – Onegai-shimasu!

And also please help spread the word, to your family, friends
and groups of people you know.
Thank you for your prayers!


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