Letter from Tokyo – March 14

A letter from my mother is to follow. Before that, I just wanted to share that I think I am working hard trying to figure out how to process, think through this whole series of events, and prepare myself emotionally for what’s to come. The whole things is surreal – in grocery stores, they seem to be running out of food, gas at gas stations are no longer available, tap water is no longer safe to drink and who knows when, or if it ever will be again, blackouts is just going to be part of everyday life which affects trains and transportation, even to get out from Tokyo, yet hospitals are (trying to) operate as normal….. and internet, almost live information is available.
I am so glad I am able to still connect with my friends and families….they are still alive …and the dialogue certainly helps…. And to know that people of faith are ready for whatever may come helps me feel less stressed to a certain degree. I agree with my mother that this is about time we reevaluate our styles of living, especially in the developed countries. Rather have a scheduled blackout as a part of the routine, than to expect we could continually build more power plants, for example.

Letter from my mother, in the midst of Tokyo:

Thank you for many e-mails and your concern to us and Japan. The videos of Tsunami show this earthquake is much worse than the one happened in Indonesia. Your sister and I are studying the Book of Isaiah these days. Babylon was once a very wealthy city, but became conquered in a day by the army of King Cyrus (Persian King). People in Babylon thought their wealth and happiness will last forever. I feel the similarity in Babylon and Japan. Japan was a very rich country, and we thought this will last forever. But, one earthquake changed Japan completely in one day. Japanese people wanted to continue a luxury life, and spend so much time and money for the unnecessary things and events. This earthquake is really a disaster, but I think we need to consider this a chance to repent our way to live and to think. We are thankful that we still have life and hope.

Good night!



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