Lessons we can learn – saving, sharing, and taking turns

We teach our kids, but it’s hard to practice ourselves.. unless we are forced to. When there’s not enough to go around to meet all the needs (or greeds), we hopefully get better at saving, sharing, and taking turns.

As Japan’s nuclear power plant in Fukushima has been destroyed and huge power shortage/outage is expected, the administration of rolling blackout was announced. Coverage areas are to be split up into groups, and each areas will have designated hours to receive (or being cut of) electricity, in order to avoid a wide-spread blackout. Better controlled, better predicted.

This “saving mechanisms” also can be applied to water. I remember growing up in Japan, when in the summer the water supplies become low, we would have designated hours of the day where the water supply simply stops. It was called “Dan-sui” = “cut-water.” What a great way to increase awareness and appreciation of the limited resource that we had. After those hours, I surely have taken much greater care and wasted much less water instead of taking it for granted.

As the front range also talks about water-shortage issues, we could perhaps take some ideas on how to be resource-savvy, even during regular times.

And just for fun and for the future, the following is some tips on how to prepare your fridge for the controlled power outage. (Information source: Mainich JP)

Here are some steps to prepare your refrigerator for a predicted a power cut.

– Take out some items such as veggies that require less cooling out from the fridge
– Turn the settings on high
– Build up ice stock
– Freeze as much ice-packs, thermal gels in advance
– Once the power is out, do not put in new food, and keep the door closed as much as you can.


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