Latest Letter from Tokyo – March 13, 2011

A letter I just got from my sister in Japan.
She expresses fear and uncertainty, and appreciates prayers.
My sister and father jokes telling each other “I’ll see in Heaven!” each time they have to leave each other.

Dear all,

I am sorry for this mass mail, but i really want to thank each one of you for your concerns and prayers. In the church today, we really thanked for the people in the world who are keeping us in their thoughts and prayers. Your kind thoughts and prayers really meant a lot for me,and my countrymen. I am genuinely thankful for your concerns…

When the earth quake hit us, I was eating lunch with my colleagues. We were quite scared actually, and hid ourselves under the table (we were trained to do in our monthly earthquake drills since elementary school)… but the quake was quite big, even in Tokyo, many windows shattered, the walls were broken, the desks got rolled around and so on. The train got completely stopped, and many walked back to their homes taking 7-8hours by walk. I was very fortunate to be able to stay over at my clinic that night, where there were beds for the patients, water, shower for those for facial treatments, blankets, gowns for those for heath check ups and medicines in case of emergency.

Actually Tokyo is not affected much as compared to Tohoku area (nothern part of the mainland) where the earthquake originated and was hit by the tsunami. They were estimating that the death roll will be more than 10,000, and the government has issued a warning there will be another big earthquake to hit us in the next three days with 70% chance.
Actually since the big earthquake on last Friday, we are constantly experiencing the smaller quakes and its like we are on a ship! as we are experiencing something similar to the seasickness with this constant shake. The government has decided to do a limited power cut off starting tomorrow in Tokyo and nearby provinces due to the problems in the power plant.

I am really thankful for your concerns and prayers. Please help us by continuing to pray especially for those who are affected in Tohoku area who were hit by the earthquakes and the tsunami. and there are quite many people who were traumatized by this experience in Tokyo too. so I would appreciate also if you could keep me in your prayer so that I can care those who are emotionally affected in Godly love….

Thank you, and please take care of yourself too!
I am keeping you in my prayers as well:)))

in Him,


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