Earthquake in Japan, March 11th, 2011

Person Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake
グーグル・パーソン・ファインダー 2011日本地震

So so so shocking….
The more time goes by, the more the destruction becomes apparent.
Tokyo and surrounding was NOT the hardest hit – thankfully – for the whole nation’s economy and system (as well as our personal relatives lives…)

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts to all those who have inquired and sent in prayers.

Waking up to the news on Friday morning, I was fortunately able to get a hold of my sister via email right away (no phones were accessible). She quickly told me she also, was able to reach most of our family members, and that she was just fine – she was going to stay over at the clinic she worked as a nurse. With that I started the day in a good mood. We were busy getting kids ready for the day. I did not have the time or intention to check out the Tsunami part of news at the time. The worst our closest had to suffer was only that it took them hours to navigate through the crowds to walk back home, or that the floor was totally covered with stuff all over. Really nothing major (easy to say from someone who is not in the midst of anything!). And as Japanese, earthquakes and tsunamis are something we’re used to… or so I thought.

Later in the day and into the night, as more and more information, images, videos come streaming in…. oh my… the more I’m shaken up. Tsunami which consumed whole villages… and not just one of them, the nuclear power plant explosion, …. oh my …. the real photos and videos of all this destruction. Japanese, used to living with earthquakes and tsunamis!? Nothing like this – or rather these massive series of them!!!

No wonder people have been so kindly sending their thoughts and prayers to me…..

At the very least, I am thankful that…
… the earthquake didn’t happen in the middle of the night – people would have panicked (…or would it have been better so there’d be less less trauma to witness…)
… the earthquake didn’t happen during lunch time (or perhaps we have learned the lessons hard enough from previous quakes, that turning gas off of a cooking stove, is the very first thing you are supposed to do to prevent the spread of fire)
… we were hit in one of the better (if not best) season of a year – not in the middle of winter, summer, or monsoon season – where it is more pleasant and beautiful with cherry blossoms and other signs of spring.
… most major cities got away from being severely impacted. Japan is so centrally systemized, that if destruction was to hit Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, for example, we’d be so lost and wouldn’t know where to even begin on the path to recovery
… at this moment, very selfishly “I” have a safe place, enough food, warm clothing, people dear to us reachable.
What more is there to ask for…

My thoughts goes out to those affected. With all the other needs around the world, I hate to ask, but on behalf of my follow citizens back in Japan, if you are so inclined, here is a link to American Red Cross for fund donations.

Lastly, a message from a friend who walked back all the way to his family to arrive at 6am.

“… There is still plenty of future in this country – all along the way back, I’ve witnessed total strangers sharing coats, encouraging each other to keep on going, sharing the last bit of snack found in purses… We’ll hang in there and get this country recovered!”


2 responses to “Earthquake in Japan, March 11th, 2011

  1. Mary (Dana G's Mom)

    So glad to hear the those who are so close to your heart are safe. I have been praying for them and all of those who are dealing with the tumult in Japan. Please know that you, and all of the families who survive are also in our prayers. Peace be with you.

  2. Mary, and to all those who have visited and are keeping us in your thoughts-
    Thank you, thank you, thank you…
    Please continue to send out good wishes.

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